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Search for Pre-qualified Vendors

Account administrators can search a pre-qualified pool of vendors ensuring they are selecting only companies that are current on their requirements and certifications. This includes contractors, suppliers, consultants, etc. 

Easily Accessible & Affordable – Regardless of Company Size

The CQ Database ® provides vendors with an easily accessible and affordable method to upload and maintain their annual safety and qualifications data. 

Personalized Profiles for Account Administrators

Account administrators can set up a personalized profile to establish customized expectations and approval processes for vendors to ensure all  qualifications are up to date.

Lower Your Costs for Managing Vendor Compliance

Clients are only charged by the number of vendors in their system – significantly less than other leading products and more cost effective than hiring someone in-house. 

Reports & Reminders

Vendors and clients receive notifications alerting them to any upcoming deficiencies or expiring documents. Additional reminders are sent to vendors as needed to ensure they remain in compliance.

Quick Profile Reviews

Review time of vendor profiles is less than 24 hours. Our dedicated staff members are available to assist customers with profile updates during business hours and respond promptly to customer requests.

Trained & Certified Technical Support

Our IRMI certified and trained team members are available to assist clients and vendors with the initial establishment of profiles, data entry, and with any questions they have regarding the CQ System.

Modern, In-house Development

Our exclusive CQ Database software was developed in-house at TVTC. Our in-house maintenance affords opportunities for our customers to play a key role in system updates and the development of new software capabilities.